by Jay Diem

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Jay Diem presents his first LP, IOMFT (Island Of MIsFit Toys). A story about you.


released July 2, 2014

Mixed & Mastered By: Sypreme



all rights reserved


Jay Diem Houston, Texas

17 year old idea

IOMFT Coming 7-1-2014

Don't claim hip-hop if you only hop to what's hip

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Track Name: The Island (prod. BADBADNOTGOOD)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
All these rappers got bars but no style
Just stylists and sight childish differences between spouses
Leaving 5 kids to find a new house with new blouses
Hit clubs and smoke dubs and write the same rhymes about it
I’m screamin’ and shoutin’ for friends on this Island of MisFit Toys
I’m doubted by the same people who say they love me
Now how can I ever cope with that
I suppose my lack of close friends made me cope with rap
Rather than cope with smack
That fat ghat in my dad’s backpack I could elope with that if I just cut the straps
Just empty my tablets and then empty the sack
Now look at that useable beautiful Mac
Prosaic in all of the trap stars trap rap acts you love to laugh at
Feel like a lab rat
I’m well tested and pissed off
My therapist was the first person I ever flicked off
I’m about to lift off might resort to drugs
And then I see my grandpa’s image and I resort to love
And start to sob on the floor
Play Nipsey Hustle put the Mac-11 back up on the dresser drawer like,
“Whats the weapon for?”
You know exactly what the weapon’s for
[Instrumental Breakdown]
[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
We refer to things as abstract when we cant understand them
Reprimand and demand it conform to our standards
So overstand when I state that I hate this second handed creativity everybody’s branded as their own
And they claim to be different
But I don’t see them on the island
And that’s why I feel distant
As a child, I was instantly never well-liked and I still cry every time
I realize I was too scared to say to my last words to my grandpa when he was last alive
Those last words were the reason my reason and happiness died
Jay Diem
Island Of MisFit Toys
Track Name: Moonracer (prod. Kirk Knight)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
I sit inside of a furnace and burn up my demons
Loaded Lux with a loaded cup and I’m ready to clean it
Ethanol inside of my gal
When I spit it in battle raps
Making ash of your cataracts
You can tell ‘em you seen it
Cobain spitting cocaine with a wiff of that teen spirit
Whipping these mean lyrics like beans in a green Keurig
Even the fiends fear it this is new addiction
Big L, the new edition, in the Danger Zone with every listen
Look at The [Big]ger Picture
Kid gets so hot with every drop got teachers saving my signature
My signature move is to move you with every minute
Forget admission if the people don’t listen to every lyric
Listen a leer is the speed I’m moving within my movement
You better move it before I impede and leave you broodin’
A beast, I’m Brutus inside the booth I’m sleuth
When I locate your favorite emcee and then pull him out of his Coupe
By his neck and knot up a noose
Leave ‘em hanging up like a dap when I rap and wrap up the proof
Just proving that over loops you can’t forget improvement
You can’t win if you always losing
But you always will as long as Jay Diem making the music
[Bridge: Jay, Jom, Terry]
And I just sit all alone
Just me and these songs
Moonracer Im the king of this island
The king of this rhyming
[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Better prepare your bars
There’s a kid at large from the psycho ward
Tyke in a title fight like a Tyson brawl
In lightning form
So bring my idols on with a Tylenol for they broken jaws
And my fist in gauze
And im out of the box, I don’t need no ring
I sing these blues like I’m BB King
And I’m still 17 but I be the king
Who can tell me different
You fall in love with every listen
Island of MisFits
Satan would pray against this
But every goal gets shot at
Question is- would you feel the need to take a shot back
Cock back quick leave em wasted in lines
Till you realize the only thing you wasted is time
But every goal gets shot at
Question is- would you feel the need to take a shot back
Cock back quick leave em wasted in lines
Till you realize the only thing you wasted is time
Till you realize the only thing you wasted is time
[Kanye West]
Its some nice ones here and there
It's some good shit here and there
But we culture
Rap the new rock and roll
We culture
Rap is the new rock and roll
It's been like that for a minute
Its been like that for a minute Hedi Slimane!
Its been like that for a minute
We the new rock stars and I'm the biggest of all of them
Track Name: We Major (prod. Don Cannon)
[Chorus: Jay Diem]
We major? Yeah yeah we major
We major? Yeah yeah we major
We major? Yea yeah we major
Nah nah nigga no we not
C’mon homey we major (We major)
C’mon homey we major (We major)
C’mon homey we major (We major)
Nah nah nigga no we not
No we not
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
I hate this, relatively famous
Pen full of rhymes and a heart full of anguish
Self-promotion, me and D ain’t complaining, pacing and making calls to all those radio stations
Play this, Yeah come on play this
Promise all of your listeners will put this on their playlist
Well okay forget the radio
But if I don’t hit the radio then what is they gonna pay me for?
Racing like four four forty’s for notoriety
Sick of sobriety, sick of niggas that lie to me
Sick of writing societies life and lies in a diary
Spitting writtens at shows and hoping that they admire me
Im tired
And frankly Im exhausted
You see, rapping is a habbit and my passion I just hope I haven’t lost it


[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Big Shot Bob with the way I play the background
I embody Ginobili the Kobes just get they raps out
Out with all the anonymous, still Im searching for dominance
Dogmatically dogging em’, Labels is trying to cop him
He dodge em’ just like the coppers with pockets leaking that copper
They think he’s copping the profit instead Im eating Hot Pockets
And pocketing flows, dreaming of stands and the rows
Selling out shows in stadiums for these fans out in Vancouver
The man, the panned loser who sat in his home
All alone with that tablet rapping that frog in his throat out
Till he croaked in his own room
No friends in his home room
So he had some more time to write up his own tunes
That’s cool, cause now half of them niggas tweeting collabs
They see me as a come up, I really see it as sad
So I work with who I want cause Im working with what I have
I just wanna get this work up off my dad
Tell him
Track Name: Terry's Interlude (prod. Freddie Joachim)
Hey what’s up Jay?
It’s your best friend Terry
Now you know I’d never tell you anything wrong
But see these songs you been making lately
They got all this meaning but, they boring bro
I just, I just want to see you make something to make the people move
You know what I’m saying?
You know, let’s talk about money
Lets talk about women
Come on my nigga
I know you’ll do the right thing
Listen to your conscience
Track Name: 97SWEATERS (prod. !llmind)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
It’s possible I was birthed in a mental hospital
To lead the church of hip-hop say hello to your new apostle
New arrival I’m nuking rivals
Polluting cyphers
Dreaded menace I’m like the homicidal Mekaih Phipher
A pied piper a rough rider the best writer
Loney Toons rooming with his goons
The most despised Kaiser
King among men spitting crack until his lip blow
Pistol Pete on tracks for Pete’s sake he’s got a pistol
Don’t move
No shoes
Obvious he’s piss poor
Got a little cash spent it on time and crisp flows
And some Ritalin
Swallow while he riddling the little men who twiddle
Thinking they can match his pillagin’
Move up your men and I’ll break em’ down by the barrack
Burry em’ by the bayou and burn up all of their merits
Lyricists trying to line up their bars just because of Kendrick
I’ll hop on top of your track take your bucket hat and then kick it
Kick up dust in your lenses
Dust you off like forensics and finish you
Tell your manager that your career is finished
I’m Eminem and you Cannabis
Man to man with us
I’ll press you down where you stand corrupt
And damage all of your stamina
[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Pick pocketed Pac’s rhymes out his pocket
So all these hip hop tops lips lock
Whenever I plop these winter flows I had since Kid Rock rocked a flat top
Doing rap-rock in hi tops till his strings popped
Dilapidate any mixtape like an M-80
You just an M-8 forgetting lyrics like you Wayne Brady
The kid crazy like Gnarls and Charles Barkley
Not a role model but I still lead like I’m Paul McCartney
Hardly barking like these no bite niggas you see on TV
It’d take a team of their leaders to even pee on my EP
Secrete the feces on tracks and then cruise through the city streaking
From a window seat just so all of the little kids can see me
Hollow lobotomist
Bottle swallowing arsonist
Artisan pauper who’ll put a molotov where your mama is
Hope you inside of the house while you tear and cough
Claw you in the face and sanitize it with some Smirnoff
I don’t smoke crack dumb nigga I sell it
Forget a born sinner Im a new born felon
No disrespect to J
I just feel a little rebellious to labels selling us cages
Im raising hell in a cellar
Oh it’s so unfamiliar they hate the way that Im ripping
These turn up vegetable rappers until they come up missing
The point you missing is that I’m so young and just getting better
Im burning up like I’m running on the track
In 97 sweaters
Track Name: POV/BML (prod. Dan Song/Knxwledge)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
It’s that nigga, flat top packed in a cap nigga
Pump to the back of a punk in the back of a Lac if he makes that yack nigga
Like Kendrick Lamar, aka Benz is to me just a car
On the edge of my street but see that’s just so far
I said if I made it past it pray it was ‘matic go out and chill with the stars
Like that’s the plan
Pop packed me inside the van
101 in that bank account, and mama ain’t think we would make it out
Sometimes life wanna make you shout but I still remember those days
Eating canned beans, watching movie scenes, wishing I was out in LA
[Chorus: Jay Diem]
Baby get into my POV
I could put you in a movie scene, being a star that’s so serene
I could make you a celebrity over night

[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Lights camera action
Pinup girl posed up for Maxim
No time for the love and passion
Little red light better get to acting
Then its split up time, I live with my pops what a pick up line
17 rap like Im 20 something
Probably end up like 20 bumming
And like 20 Hummers
20 house notes and its all for nothing
20 new chains and they all for stuntin’
20 new songs and they all for frontin’
I suppose it seems I lost my way but still standing here with a can of beans wishing I was out in LA
POV- Perversion Of Vision
(Beginning of BML)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
Staring at the back of the Black Mona Lisa
Light brown skin, slim jeans and t-shirt
Dark brown hair, good jeans in her features
Say she like my jams got my name on a t-shirt, cool
That’s what up, what you want to get into?
My daddy raised a saint but were all rather sinful
We’d all rather limos, but we’d all cop a Benz
I ain’t saying that you settlin’ but you should settle in with me
But don’t get comfortable cause I got business
So Mona Lisa I hope you ain’t moaning for a friendship
Cause this is what that isn’t
And it is what it is, cause Im in town for the night and you’ll never see me again
That’s life, how we try to make love and just act indifferent
Im leaving in the morning and I aint leaving the digits
So please, make this memory last like we never lived it
Or never live it again, so in the case that I miss you
Pull out your camera phone, cross your hands, and take this picture
You’re my Black Mona Lisa
Track Name: Jom's Interlude (prod. Astronote)
Hey what’s up Jay?
It’s your best friend Jom
Now you know I’d never tell you anything wrong
But you know, I heard your last couple of tracks
Real nice stuff
But I just feel like, you know
Too many hits not enough classics
Know what Im saying?
You got a lot to tell these people about yourself
You owe it to them to give them
Give them something they can relate to
I ain’t saying change for nobody
But remember that you came from this island
Remember why you started this
Listen to your conscience
Track Name: Dreams (prod. Don Cannon)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
They promised me that dreams would come true
But forgot to mention that nightmares are dreams too
Watching people trying to make it out they mama’s home
I just write these songs trying to make it out my comfort zone
Life is zoning in and Im collapsing by the knees
From these people who keep on telling me who and what to be
A dollar and a dream? I got some anguish and some change
Sporadic thoughts and a catalog of rhymes to ease the pain
Painstakingly planning to take over the planet with an atom bomb
Trust me when I make a mill I’ll split it down with dad and mom
A house to add it on but what is all of that
To the ones who taught you, you could be ambitious young and black
Black card with a Fleetwood Mac hey you can do it
Just make sure in it all you don’t forget to love the music
And that’s the greatest thing they ever taught me
Lose your dreams and become nothing but a carbon copy
I got dreams
[Chorus 2x]
Mama I got dreams
Mama I got dreams
Mama I got dreams
They hate to see my spotlight beam and that’s why they wont let me be
They wont let me breath
[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Working till my fingers bleed
Funny how Im dreaming but my sleep is now my enemy
I hate the bottom, patience is slowly rotting
Yo I dropped some classics back in autum you must not have got em’
There must have been a problem with the twitter links or something
To keep it blunt we hate the way they hate on us for nothing
They wanna cripple dreams like a crip out of east Compton or Chicago
Looking for a new watch with a cocked shotgun
Or half-cocked telling us stop like we got problems
For trying to be something other than teacher lawyer or doctor
Everybody just stand up, c’mon and put your hands up
This right here is the anthem, life aint nothing but stanzas
Im just leaving a verse in the best way that I can
A dead poet in a society where they just brand us
But tell me what’s a poet if he don’t write
If I don’t change the world I just wish I could change my own life
Track Name: Til The Angels Come (prod. Clams Casino)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
Beauty queen of only 19
The type to get lost in a mixed drink or a daydream
A heart shaped bruise right below her left thigh
He swear it’s love and care every time he black her left eye
A Percocet or a xanie probably’ll ease it up
She recollect her panties being ripped up while she scream “enough”
And that was ten years old, cold now she’s all alone
Crying out to mama about her silence while she’s on the phone
She wanna pick up, leave and never come back
But he’s screaming to her face that no one will ever love that
So she moved to his room and cocked his gun
Barrel in her mouth, gripping the trigger, hoping the angels come

[Chorus: Madi King]
Till the angels come (x6)

[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Beauty queen of only 19,
Got a daughter whose father hits mama and buys her nice things
Mama’s in the room aiming a .22 at her cavity
Wrote a note saying daddy Im sorry please don’t be mad at me
See Im having some problems and I don’t think I can take it
I promised I wouldn’t quit but that’s just a promise I’m breaking
Im breaking down and Im bringing a bullet with me
And memories to a place they promised would stop the hitting
Abuse comes in many ways but see Im a victim of all them
And dad he’s right at the door and dad I don’t think I can stall him
So sorry to end this letter these problems I got to solve them
And so she puts down the letter with signature at the bottom
Put barrel to bottom lip and that’s when her daughter walked in
Cause she wanna play with her mama, some crayons balled in her fist
So she rolled the gun on the floor and I promise she’ll tell you this
It’s just like the bullet had missed it’s no question
Angels do exist
Track Name: Mama ft. Chris Walker, Jardyn Howelton, Jay Aura, JusL (prod. Heizmen)
[Chorus: Chris Walker & Jardyn Howelton]
One of these days
You’ll be proud of me
You’ll be proud of me mama
You’ll be proud of me
One of these days
You’ll be proud
You’ll be proud of me
You’ll be proud of me mama
You’ll be proud of me
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
And I said I’d be back when the street lights on
But 3 done come and gone
And I know you stayed up all night waiting for me all alone
With a glass of wine but my appetite
For adventure and my lust for life
Make me act brash and asinine
Oh lord just bless that pastors wife
And I’m never gonna make it to the NBA
Im probably never gonna get my MBA
I know you want to see me get a doctorate
But that lifes a box of chocolates
And Im so lactose intolerant I gotta spit it up ‘fore I swallow it
And I know my mama ain't proud of this
Music I spit but I promise this
[Verse 2: Jay Aura]
Said dear mama, you a strong woman
I wake up early in the morning with some breakfast cooking
And yo Im sorry for me acting up in school
But this rapping thing for you
Trying to get you a crib, with a penthouse view
I’ll get you everything you wanted
Your life is gonna be perfect
And I stay up long nights, speakers loud but it’s gonna be worth it
You told me to stay humble, that’s exactly what I’ll do
Wouldn’t be the person that I am today if it weren’t for you
[Verse 3: JusL]
Never would've thought that I'd
Find myself in a place like this nigga so equipped
Can't afford to slip I know porcelain
Cause you don't take no sh- (Boy you better watch yo' mouth)
Disappointed with the path I picked
But I'm embracing my fears
Before I tear the game like a handkerchief
I know I never got my degree
I know you think I'm chasing the hype
You know I never stop doing me
You never take the advice
But Ima make you proud
My job is to get you to quit your job
Look back on it all and smile
I'll be back in the fall
Track Name: You ft. Bobbie Ricks (prod. Giorgio Oehlers)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
Saw your face in a lucid dream and again in my classes
Thought of you got me losing sleep and I swear your different from the masses
From face to fashion I just cant get past it
You make me passive at them highschool dances
Love or lust? I lust for your passion
I love your body and I love your laugh
It’s a shame you only think of me as a sibling
Simply cause if you’re a ten I’m tragic
For a chance at love I might take my chances
I might just spark it and you just might ash it
But you’re the object of my affection
It’s obvious your allure
It’s obvious your perfection
And it’s obvious I want more of you

[Chorus: Bobbie Ricks]
Even though I cant have you
You know I want you baby
You know, In my world is where I
I want you baby

[Bridge: Jay Diem]
A long walk
Around the park after dark
You cross my mind I cross my heart
Wish I could say just what I want to you

[Chorus: Bobbie Ricks]
You know
In my world is where I
I want you baby

[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
Can I take you out?
To that new spot that you crazy ‘bout
Maybe hit the mall while the day is out
And then a new flick when the shade is out
You see I never had someone like you
I think a couple words is the place to start
The fear of rejection is so un new and its true only love can break your heart
Immerse myself in your eyes with each line till Im lost in your light and my eyes go blind
Granted we’ve known each other for some time it don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine
So just glance in my direction
It’s obvious that I’m sure
It’s obvious your perfection
And I can’t hide it no more from you

[Chorus/Bridge: Bobbie Ricks]
Track Name: Nothing Gold Can Stay (prod. abhi/dijon)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
And you still so complacent
Looking for love in the wrong places
Afraid to show emotion and looking down at your laces like you so ashamed
Fragile except when we touching faces
After school afternoons just touching and touching bases on a daily basis
See you had wanted relationship I had only wanted relations and leggings around my hips
Now we so estranged
My tendency to be distant, I’m sorry my last relationship ended over some distance
I aint been the same
Playing catch me if you can with women
Ducking, running for cover as soon as I hear commitment
I guess were just night and day and not what the other needed
I even told her I loved her I doubt I’ll ever repeat it

I don’t need you to be alone
I’ll be depressed on my own
I don’t need you to be alone
I’ll be depressed on my own
And just as dawn goes down to day
I burn another bridge I swear that nothing gold can stay

[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
And I’m still just complaining
Saying I lack the communication
Skills for somebody given the gift to make conversation
Craving intimacy but I favor this isolation
She got me off of my island its like Im back on vacation
And my flight won’t ever
Land here and it’s still late
There’s voices inside my head, no room for a pretty face
We won’t be what we used to be
See its fine and I feel great
And when I had 99 problems she made it like 98

Track Name: Jom & Terry's Interlude (prod. Nek Blitz)
I wanna dance but I aint got no rhythm
I wanna dance but I aint got no rhythm
Just blues
And the holes in the soles of my shoes
And my socks and my pockets
Come on my nigga stop it
Pop this, take a toke and forget about it, then lock lips
With a six pack, till you fall out of your rocker
Tell me what happens if you fall too hard
Broken back, now daddys back to having to work too hard
Youre right, I never considered
What you got to consider?
Being like every other nigga
But you could get the cheese
And what is all that fame
When your fam is so ashamed that they don’t look at you the same
Everybody shut the hell up my mind is nothing but violence
And I pray that suicide ain’t the fee to pay to get silence
Cause everybody’s got a plan
When the confused one is me
[All Three]
Why does my head disagree
Still stuck on this island
Won’t listen to my conscience
Track Name: Misfits (prod. !llmind)
[Verse 1: Jay Diem]
This for my juniors on JV
Looking at the coach just thinking “If they would play me”
The class of outcasts from children who just laugh
They wanna call me a name? Okay Im calling em’ back
Introverted cause I just wanted to hurt them
The fire inside my belly was burning up to my sternum
I wanna just light a match throw em all in the gasoline
Just listen to how they scream
My God I swear it’s serene
I used to die in my dreams and wake up feeling pissed off
So lanky and plus the lent in my pockets would get me pissed on
Dirty apartments with roaches crawling the carpets
I’m always playing the victim of fights that I didn’t start
It’s a shame, mama was right, kids are cruel
Cause cool kids at our school aren’t cool if you aren’t cool
Taking twitpics out the back of a carpool
Me and papa resorting to blows whenever we argue
With all this going at home
I just wanna be all alone
But nobody ever listens, my difference put me at distance
You don’t know why I put my whole life inside of this music
You’d probably start yelling too if they all thought that you were stupid
But you worked hard in that class ad it’s never appreciated
Those kids just don’t like you either
Oh well least you got a playlist of songs you can listen to
When you feel like you wanna give just start bumping some of them tunes
And youll find a reason to live

[Verse 2: Jay Diem]
This for my September Children
Hated for who you love so put a rope to the ceiling
Or poppin’ pain killers till the pills popped em’
Either that or getting called faggot and your bones broken
Thrown and choked by their own parents as if they provoked it
Helpless cause they felt an emotion and so they tried to show it
Stop worrying who other people choose to be
That goes both ways but for now Im just speaking musically
Drop your weed raps I still smoke so who am I to lie
But papa used to tell me only idle men idolize
So many idle minds Im still so different
So many thoughts I got to keep inside cause they won’t listen
Or play it in their systems let break up out of this
Take the power from these little cowards
Look whos down with this?
Refuse to drown in this pool of conformity they found me in
We’re not a mistake, were a majority
Misfits you can count me in
Label me, label me
Dumb, nerd, faggot, too tall, too small,
Hop on the band wagon and

Label me, label me
Dumb, nerd, faggot, too tall, too small,
Hop on the band wagon and

Label me, label me
Every girl and every boy is a resident of the Island Of MisFit Toys